We believe that a good Interior Design can transform not only spaces, but more importantly, people´s lives. More than creating beautiful and functional projects, we want to impact the way how people feel in it.

We do not see a dining room just as a place to have meals, but mainly as a place of communion and where stories can be shared. We don not see a living room just as a place to chat, but as a space to create loving memories with family and friends.

We passionately see a good Interior Design as an artistic expression that carries a meaning of who we are and what we believe. It serves to make us feel loved and to give us a sense of belonging. This is our mission: Making people reconnect with themselves through a unique, welcoming and representative space.


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Meet Our Team

Hi! I'm Marcia Oliveira

I’m the OWNER and creative mind behind ARQMA NTERIOR DESIGN. Combining together over 10 years of experience working as an architect in Brazil and Interior Designer in Canada, I am completely passionate about the idea of transforming people's lives through the space in which they live. I always say that interior design helped me overcome personal difficulties and that my mission is to promote the same change in other people's lives.

Hi! I'm Melissa Martins

I’m the PROJECT COORDINATOR and technical mind behind the projects. My experience in Brazil as a civil engineer gives me the ability to solve problems in a practical and objective way. In Canada, I graduated as an interior decorator, a field that I fell in love with. I love seeing beautiful spaces and contributing with the process of making them become a reality.

Hi! I'm Mayara Leite

I’m the CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANT behind the project development process. I’m the one who manages scheduling meetings, coordinates appointments and keeps everything organized. As a psychology student, I love dealing with people and assist them throughout their difficulties.

Hi! I'm Anny Garcia

I’m the DESIGNER ASSISTANT behind both creative and technical drawings drawings. My experience in Brazil as an architect gives me the ability to be creative and great in organizing the project development processes. In Canada, I´m studying decorating and ready for a new professional fresh start.